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Your office is the place that your employees spend most of their days, sometimes even more time than they do sleeping. Because of this, keeping a clean and healthy workplace not only improves the productivity of your employees, but also their morale. By keeping them in healthy and happy, they will choose to stay with your company, benefitting you in the both in the short-term and in the long run. Here are several ways that you can keep your employees healthy through a few simple practices in good office hygiene.

Keeping Surfaces Clean and Germ-Free

keeping your office surfaces clean and free of germs means that your employees stay healthy. Germs and microbes like to breed and can create illnesses such as COVID-19, a cold, the flu, or even worse! In order to keep your office surfaces clean, it is imperative to know what surfaces to target for cleaning and how often.

In addition to wiping down small high-contact surfaces, it’s important to have your bathrooms deep cleaned, carpets or floors cleaned, and counters and walls wiped down with proper germ-killing chemicals on a daily or weekly basis. These are the tasks that janitorial companies like Toledo Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services can help with. Hiring a janitorial company to keep your office clean and germ-free is one of the best things that you can do to help improve employee health and therefore morale.

Why is it Important to Work in a Germ-Free Environment?

There are many reasons why it is important to keep your office environment germ-free, but did you know that it could save you money? That’s right, when your employees spend less time being sick and more time being at work, it saves you the money that you would lose on contracts not being fulfilled due to employee shortage. Additionally, when you have your employees there more often and sick less, you save the money of training new or interim employees to fill the gaps.

Your company will also save on extra health insurance costs from excessive doctor’s visits when your employees are regularly ill. Additionally, when clients come into the office, they will notice if your employees are coughing and sneezing or if they are in good health. This realization will factor-in to their decision to hire you. So, hiring a janitorial company to come in and do daily or weekly office cleans and deep cleans is the most cost-effective way to improve business and employee retention.

The Importance of Rewarding Employees for Healthy Choices

A final way to keep a clean and healthy workplace is by rewarding your employees for their healthy choices. One way to do this is to host a competition where your employees will earn points for their choices to eat good foods, drink plenty of water, and get quality sleep. Competitions like this can be an excellent team-building activity and you can reward the top earners with different levels of prizes such as gift cards, bonuses, or an extra day off.

Another way to help your employees is to keep healthy choices on hand. Instead of a vending machine filled with chips and candy bars, you could have one that is filled with nuts, water bottles, and granola bars—healthier options that will help your employees keep their bodies running optimally.

What’s the Lesson?

Now that you understand the importance of working in a clean and healthy environment, it’s time to implement a regular system of cleaning and improving health and morale in your office. A great option is to hire a janitorial company like Toledo Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services to come in and keep your office clean, safe, and a healthy for your employees. You can find more at https://toledo.officecleaningandjanitorial.com or by calling today at (208) 996-5579.